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Health Insurance

Arcadia tells you which health insurance best fits your circumstance

Health insurance is a safety net for when life throws unexpected medical surprises your way or when there are ongoing costs associated with a health condition. It covers a range of expenses including medical, surgical, and diagnostic costs that arise from medical treatment or procedures. Health insurance providers typically reimburse you for medical expenses, or pay the hospital or treatment provider directly.


One key benefit of having health insurance is that it grants you access to private hospital treatment, so you don't have to wait in a public hospital queue. This provides you with more treatment options and specialists to choose from, which can make a big difference when you need medical care.

Why do you need it?

In New Zealand, having health insurance is essential, especially when you consider the shortcomings of the public health system. Waiting lists for treatment can be excruciatingly long, and that's not ideal if you're in pain or need medical attention fast. Additionally, some essential treatments are not publicly funded, like certain treatments or medications, which can cost a fortune out of pocket. For instance, the cancer drug Keytruda can cost up to $10,000 to $20,000 per month. That's where private medical insurance comes in. With the right coverage, you'll have access to better treatments and faster medical attention, which means you can focus on recovering and getting back to your life. Don't wait until it's too late to get the protection you need – get insured today.

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